Principal's Message

Creativity as manifestation of the human mind find its greatest expression in a habitat. In architecture is manifested, the expression of existence into built forms through its spaces and volumes deliberately created to satisfy aesthetics and functional requirements. APJ school of architecture began its journey from the deep understanding of the need of the time to be one of the most responsible, robust and adaptive Institutions which can render the wings of the youth set to fly out into the field of architecture.

This country is undergoing rapid urbanization and globalization while the world is facing the challenges of global warming and climate change. APJ Abdul kalam School of Architecture believes in the core human values of social responsibility and obligation towards the environment and is committed to guide the students to design sensible, sustainable and viable habitats.

I wish all my aspiring students to come join and build their dreams and help build this nation.

Ar. Sebastian Jose
APJ Abdul Kalam School of Architecture