Aparna is a passionate and self driven design enthusiast  who started her career at seed in 2019. She completed her B Arch from Karpagam University, Coimbatore in 2015 and masters in Urban Design from College of Engineering Trivandrum in 2018.

She believes in the ability of architecture, research and design thinking to effect good in the world and in the power of multidisciplinary research and collaborative design process in the field of architecture and urban design. Her interest in the field of  Urban design and architecture has been perpetual since 2018 when she joined Centre for Advanced Research in Urbanism, an NGO based in Kochi where she took up the role of Urban designer researcher and was involved in design development of public projects. She is specifically interested in city development and policy making in urban design and research on patterns of human behavior in the design of public spaces in cities . She is also currently working as freelance architect in Kochi.

Aparna being a multitalented and dynamic Architect has participated and coordinated numerous workshops and symposiums in her academic and professional life. She is a committed core faculty at seed in continuous research mode to redefine her pedagogy. Apart from research and design her passion lies in sketching and rapacious reading.

Ar. Aparna S

Assistant Professor